Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old article link from newspaper, but even then the numbers are freakin' scary. I was born sickly at 7 months to 40 yr old parents who never had enough money and still so many struggles, like illnesses and job issues. If we 4 kids could grow up to love them back and stick together, than anyone can.  You know what we learnt?  That money is not what life is all about (even though you need it to survive) and the giving of my parents to their last pennies just to help us instead of themselves, all the church people that helped us when our roof was leaking, my parents were sick, I needed shoes or lunch money.  That is what life and love and children are about.

Childless couples of the world who cannot have kids or afford $10,000 to adopt would so take these unborn babies in a heartbeat.  And even I on my own would be one of them.  I would gladly endure inconvenience of any kind just to look at my baby and hold it in my arms.  I am inspired by very young single woman I see that look like they are barely out of high school who are out and about big and pregnant and later who are carrying or strolling their child along.  They are my heroes.

I also as a woman feel for pregnant woman that for whatever reasons are not feeling like heroes at all.  Lonely and afraid, embarrassed and ridiculed in ways that men will never be, lost and abandoned by everyone, including their families or partners.  Maybe though they are on top of the world, with everything that they finally worked so hard for within reach, popular with many friends, free to party and enjoy life on their own terms and now this.  To them it is not a baby yet, it is the end of their world as they know it and an end to their perfect body, their own glory.  But it now houses the most breathtaking gift that no one else on this earth was priviledged enough to get.  Just check out an ultrasound (or look at your neice or nephew.)

Who knows, you could raise the next relief aid worker, doctor, nurse, lawyer, family man, writer or missionary?

And the women who have undergone abortions (and their men that have suffered along side them) have enough pain in ways that we cannot imagine.  Just think if you heard their story.  They are never the same.  They have a tough road to forgiveness, healing, and the God that hold their tears and pains of body and soul.  They have found miracles of new life that overcame the death and despair and even the journey to find their faith that they never thought would happen.  Only something beyond our humanity and weakess can do that.

Jesus knows our hearts and no one else can judge; that is not our place as Christians or other and besides, there is too much of that going on anyways.  I am sure you have been on one end or the other and that does permanent damage.  Even people judging Christians are in my same point of view; don't think yeah we are all the same, wierdos and hypocrites?  All we have to do is put ourselves in others shoes like the good Samaritan that didn't care what his neighbours thought or how much it would cost or how he could not touch a stranger as he did not know where he had been.  He loved as Jesus did; that was all.  And took care of the beaten man on the side of the road that could have been his brother, father, uncle, or friend.

I worked with a lady whose daughter was 16 and got pregnant; the lady knew it was her grandaughter and excited in a small way even though she was ticked off at her daughter. But how much could reality change in just a week? It seemed the "best" thing for her daughter was to have an abortion as she made the decision for her and didn't want to be stuck helping care for her as her daughter needed to go on with her life and "be responsible" and the lady wanted to be carefree...I don't know how they are doing, but I will always wish I said more...

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