Monday, September 7, 2009


Ma went back to the recovery/hospital tonight (really because of her eyes) and it is too quiet here already (although I do like watching animal planet and the sham wow info-mercials with my Pa; oh and the one for the vibrating dr. ho belt that instantly shreds your body fat by shocking and electricuting it away.)

Just pray for her eyes.  They have been so red and sore for over a month; first one eye which got better than worse and now both eyes are bad.  Been to specialists and on eye drops and different anti-biotics and nothing really helping and apparantly is not an eye infection? but no one can figure it out they say...Glad we are going to see her regular nice doctor outside in the real world on Wednesday as the only doctor available at the hospital to them comes late in the evening and seems to run in and out and not bother to keep track of how anyone is doing really.  She had to pretty much beg him to give her something for her cough, sore throat and ears that were paining her for over a month.

Gotta hand it to her though.  She is so peaceful and just happy to be better and sleeping one night at home and walking pretty good despite barely being able to keep her eyes open. WOW.  My dad and I were saying that it was amazing and that if it was anyone else (us!) we sure would not be that calm and strong.  I would be irritated beyond belief as I had eye allergies before and so not fun.

Patience, prayer, and peace seem to be what is shining from her now since she has been in the hospital.  That is what I always learnt from her example growing up and only really got it recently. 

God grant me the courage to change the things I can, to accept the things I can't change, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Good words that I remember without even having to google them now.

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