Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Singleness & Spiders...

I liked thinking of myself as a multi-tasker instead of discovering I have some pretty darn good similarities to someone with ADHD.  Meaning, I have a zillion things going through my head at any given second, from making a list of to do things to reading a book to thinking about life to going from one thing to another.  Also, in conversations with some people, I jump from one topic to another.  It may seem like I am not paying attention to what you are saying or that I don't care, but the fact is I do care so much that I get excited in my head about what I want to say next. I thought most people operated like this, until someone that paid attention to what I did pointed some interesting stuff out to me.  Like the fact that I can't sit still.  Trying pretty hard right now actually.  But, some people may never know this about me until they know me for a while.

ANYHOW, I was all nice and relaxed and starting to pick up where I left off with reading more of the book Wheat Belly (soooooo fascinating and had been kinda following the eating idea of it, so I thought I better read it.  A definate recommend.)  Then I thought about wanting some cheese (which is the staple of my life and what everything I eat revolves around) but it was 11pm and I better be a good girl so I can keep loosing weight and feeling good and went to have some red peppers instead.  Thought about how boring they were. Then I sat back down and started reading, but in my head all I could think about was some funny great things about being single.  Such as wearing whatever you want around the house and not caring if you match or even if you look decent.  I will have to do a list on another post, but that is another topic I want to jump to.  Proves my point about ADHD.

ANYHOW, then I started to read again and I swear it was getting good, but then I thought about the worst thing about being single was that there was no one else to kill the spiders and stuff.  I was pretty proud about kinda overcoming that one SLOWLY over time as also working at RPC, when the insects love to come out at this time, had helped me a bit not be so "girly" and scream in fear every time I saw something even as small as a speck of dirt with legs that moved.  (It's worse when you wear glasses, because if you are sorta blind without them you think something is a small speck of dirt, and then it starts moving...)

Then I swear all of a sudden I looked up and randomly saw a big huge spot over in the corner above the kitchen/dining room table and it was MOVING.  Awwww, S- - - - I said, not now!!!  Fear gripped my heart like a big claw, but I took a deep breath because it dawned on me that oh S---- I can't really call someone to come over and kill a spider for me.  DARNIT!  Not having a vaccum yet (long story), I ran over to the table and jumped up on the chair with my swiffer stick in arm, vowing that I would kill that thing and not let it just get wounded, limping around and falling to the ground and run away, and then I would never be able to find it and be completely paranoid the whole night and not sleep, knowing there was a thing crawling out there somewhere.  And my place is tiny.  Maybe I am obsessive compulsive after all, I thought to myself just then.

ANYHOW, I pounded the edge of that swiffer so hard that the neighbours may have been worried as the windows were open with it being so warm today and 11pm or not, I was on a mission.  The sucker didn't have a chance to say goodbye as I kept pounding like a dozen times just to make sure it was dead.  Because they have lived before through a barbaric attack such as that one and indeed limped away quicker than I could catch it.  Well, that thing (by now almost his whole body was mangled into a juicy pulp) whose body was half gone managed to fall onto the table surface and try, I say try, to half-limp, half-run away from me.  How did he dare??? Paper towel and one last squish fixed that for good.  For DARN good!

ANYHOW....back to my book now.  I just hope I can manage to read more before I get up and start doing something else....

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