Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Baby is A Baby, No Matter How Small...


I was looking at photos today of some babies that were born premature at 7 months and 3lbs 5 oz. just like me.  My mission is to hunt down a photo of me when I was born, if it even exists anymore, because my parents had somehow lost it and I am just so curious. It really amazed me and made me pretty emotional at the same time because in Canada a baby can be aborted at exactly this stage in life and also for the fact that it is a girl. There are no laws and no accountability and this just makes me sick beyond belief.

If you think about it, just one second before I was born, the same doctor that helped to bring me into the world could have killed me (yes I am using that word because if you look up what they do that is the only word you can find for it) and that is perfectly ok with the government.  One second.  If someone wants the precious little wonderful life that is growing inside of them, they call it a baby, but if they don't want it, it's just called a fetus or a blob of cells. This makes absolutely NO freakin sense to me whatsoever in any way, shape, or form.  I mean we all had to start from somewhere and it's just common sense.  To see a baby that is just born being held close against her mothers chest and new to the world with all the love that we give it. One second.  Just one second before and it would have never even have had a chance to live and breathe.

Things could have been much much worse for me health wise than just the issues that I have had to struggle with since I was born.  I know I stayed in the hospital a while and my mom could not even hold me during this time; I think she could only touch me through the little hole in the side of the incubator.  I know I had tons of tubes hooked up to me and equipment so I could breathe, but I was so fortunate that I did not have to undergo any surgeries.  I turned out pretty normal.  Well, sometimes I wonder.....(There is not too much more that I know as my mom can't remember much due to arthritis after I was born, which lead to medication that left her so drugged that she lost huge chunks of her memory, such as my details.) 

Sometimes I wonder why God kept me alive when there are many other babies that didn't make it.  I have no answer to that one, but I do know that I appreciate more and more the fact that I am around.  To think that I would not have been around if my mother listened to some doctor (who is not God by the way, but just some human like us) if he had told her to abort me.  There are so many stupid and ridiculous reasons that people give for allowing abortions versus so called really good or valid reasons. There are no good reasons. Am I God that I can take a life or give a life? If someone harmed a pregnant woman that was 9 months pregnant and about to give birth and the baby died, it would be murder? but the same thing happens 100,000 times around the world daily.  Just think if your son, daughter, friend, mother, father, husband, wife, niece, nephew or anyone you love was taken from you suddenly. 

I don't know why God blesses some women with babies and some not.  I am not God and I will never know why he allows certain things to happen in this imperfect world. I know that there are probably tons of parents out there that never wanted to have kids and complain about them all the time and wish that they were never born and will actually tell their kids that to their face.  But I do know that there are tons of wonderful loving couples that would give anything in the world to have a baby and even to save just one from an abortion; to give it love and raise it as their own and give it a chance.  A chance like I had just at living.  There are so many awesome organizations and practical help and love for couples that are going through an unwanted, unplanned, unhappy, or scary pregnancy.  There is hope and healing and love and life.

I worked with a lady some years ago whose daughter was pretty young, maybe 16? and her mom found out she was pregnant.  Well, the lady was so angry that the daughter got pregnant (not angry that she was sleeping around though).  Then I saw a bit of happiness as she talked about being a grandmother.  Then she talked about her daughter wanting to have an abortion.  It was really sad because I could tell the lady was in denial trying to convince herself  that it was up to her daughter and she herself was having too much fun at this point in her life to become a grandmother and look after a baby and her daughter was not responsible enough to raise a child.  I remember the heavy sad feeling in my heart. I don't know what happened to that family as I had left that job before I knew.  Even to this day about 5 years later, I still wish I had said or done something more.  

A precious baby growing inside the womb is just as much a living breathing baby outside the womb.  They both need our love and they both need our protection.


  1. Yes, they both need our protection. Thank God you were born, and are here to give this message.

  2. Thanks! It's so nice to get feedback and encouragement!