Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well, just not feeling so jazzed up in the afternoon, but wanted to write anyhow and then felt better as I focused on a good part of my day. Plus, my followers would be oh so disapointed to miss a day of my oh so interesting life.

Had a good morning at church again and amazed at how many people are still welcoming me back so warmly as most of this bunch had not seen me in 5 years.  It was just so nice as these people are really people that I don't keep in contact with, are much older or retired, and not people on the visiting list even.  It made me think how important church community and fellowship is.  Forgetting that it was my home for 11 years and everyone asking how my dad and mom are since they were both very sick and in and out of hospital.  Word sure spreads fast.

Some think God is everywhere, so why bother with other people that you don't even want to love or strangers?  Well from my experience, it is impossible to go through life in any way isolated or totally on your own.  I mean, there are many clubs and organizations and even co-worker groups that you can be part of.  Half of me is a hermit that loves solitude and shy; but half of me is a girl that just wants to have fun and be around others...yeah, I know...

People in groups just have a special bond like family, and care and concern for others (or at least you really hope they do) and the same values generally or interests. When one is in trouble or missing, boy do they notice.  In the case of being a church regular, they pray for you and your needs, they care and show love by helping with errands, rides, finding help, fixing things, referring to doctors they like or other professionals, check on you when you are not there, give special gifts when you don't even know that they know your birthday, help when you are just doing all you possibly can but need financial aid due to sickness or job loss or loss of a loved one, bring you fresh fruit from their gardens or goodies...

But above all, the inspire you with their faith in good times and bad. They are precious examples, like family, of how one person makes all the difference in the world when you think that no one cares and would miss you if you were gone.

When my oldest brother died, so many people that had never even met him were at the funeral and prayers.  I remember that day doing the music and just feeling the strength of the prayers and love of the sea of faces I looked into.  They were not anonymous or there because they had to be, they were family, extended family, good friends, past friends and they were all there to support us in our darkest hour.  That meant more than I think they will ever know, even looking back almost 2 years later.

The most important thing being not the material things of course, as love is always shown by actions because faith without love and care is truly dead to me.  Being there among other similar believers, we may not always agree on the little details or have the same outside interests, but we all love Jesus and want to build up his church.  Those are the greatest values of all time.

That is why I go to church.

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