Saturday, April 20, 2013


Before you go much further, you have to watch this.  It's cute and funny and will shock you how it will make you cry your eyes out as it moves your very heart and soul.  Well, at least that's how I felt.  I was really surprised, as I thought nothing could top the 12 times I had cried at the end of Wedding Singer.

Over 4 hours later, I still feel such bitter sweet emotion in my heart.  Life will have its joy, but it helps us with the pain. What can I say after watching something like this? The best part was some of the comments below the video, especially from guys! It really made me think of all the sweet genuine guys I know and that there is hope for single ladies that haven't found the love of their life that will be their Danny. Gives a girl hope.

I'm gonna go outside. Throw some rocks feel more man like.

Well done, you've made an Englishman cry. The emotion police are coming to take me away. I hope you're all happy with yourselves. (Seriously, if I can ever have but a fraction of what they had, I will die happy.)

Oh shit I'm already crying

i cannot count the number of times i have come back to this video. it warms my heart as it brings tears to my eyes. it gives me hope.

Patrick Johnson 2 months ago
man,you could show this to the hardist convict,vet,MMA fighter or any person and thay will cry. RIP Danny hope you are in a better place now.

I cried because this was so beautiful. And i never cry.

I really loved the girls comment below. Sometimes we are in a hurry for whatever reason and settle for Mr. Right Now, when this whole thing proves that it is worth everything in the world to be patient and keep your heart for Mr. Right.  It's not always easy, but I would much rather give my entire heart and everything I am to the one man that will capture my attention and my love forever.  I will be the only woman in the entire world that he could see himself spending his life with and he will be the only guy that I would move heaven and earth for.  I don't think that's hard to comprehend.

People ask me when I'm more selective when it comes to guys. This is why. Because there's someone like this out there for me, and I when I know a guy is not him, well I say goodbye

Because love and marriage and all that stuff in the end has nothing whatsoever to do with how big and expensive your ring is, how much you go into debt to have the fairytale wedding, how much your dress costs, or where you got it. You could have someone that makes tons of money, has a car that is the envy of everyone,  a massive rich house, or the body of a chiseled athlete. What happens in the blink of an eye if all that disappears? When it's all stripped away, who are you really under it all? It's about the very heart of that special someone and why you stay through the good times and the bad.  Not just the good. Actions that show it and not just words. More spent on the actual relationship that lasts well after your one day of wedding is long gone.

I am not down on having the ultimate wedding of your dreams, as it should be the most amazing day of your entire life in every single way.  That should be the plan anyhow. But I would much rather have a $100 cubic zirconia ring, a wedding in the smallest chapel in the world, and a pizza buffet, if the trade off was even a short time of real love like this Danny and Annie.

I don't know.  You tell me.

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