Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving on....With my Heart

Off my wall but not off my heart???
After I finished my earlier post of the evening, and in the middle of some more packing (actually), I realized something that I had to take down off my wall, but more so off my heart.
 I am not great at interior decorating, so I have usually always left my walls sort of bare until I moved in here.  I did this as a tribute to my Dad; my Papa or Pa as we always called him. I am a stone mason's daughter, who loves any kind of stone "art". I got these beautiful assorted removable stones that I stuck to my wall, ending with this hockey puck with a special Montreal Canadiens toonie nestled inside that I had sent my dad from the Winnipeg mint. 
After he passed away and on one of my first visits back to the house, I really wanted something of his as a keepsake.  He had knicknacks galore on mantles, bookshelves, and fireplaces, and collected things even as far back as I can remember as a kid. Anything to do with Italy, soccer, and bocce; that much I remember. I picked a bocce trophy (as he was always close but this one was actually 1st place) and this hockey puck for some reason.
It has been over 3 years since he passed away, and I have mostly good days now.  Every so often I will see something so random though that gets me.  It could be a little Italian old man that resembles him or a container of Unico tuna in olive oil that he used to get from the Italian store. Or an Italian song like the ones he used to belt out in his rich loud voice in church. Or hearing a harmonica or accordian. 
But now, my wall caught my eye as in my head repeated the words....moving on....moving on....
I know I have to take this memoir down from my wall, but I think that God was using this moment in time to help me move on a little more with my heart and my head. It's hard when you loose a loved one, because your life will never be the same.  But there are moments that you know God is smiling at you and helping you really and truly move on a little more. Healing for your heart in whatever your pain and hope in all things eternal that will never leave you lonely.

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